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Cerec stands for CERamic REConstruction.

This is an innovative system that allows Dr Caplan to make and fit porcelain fillings, crowns and veneers in one visit. Using this ground-breaking technology your new restoration (tooth) is designed using a 3D computer aided modelling system. This information is then sent directly to a milling machine where your new tooth is fabricated with pinpoint accuracy in about 20 minutes. Finishing touches are added to the restoration before it is fitted in your mouth. The CEREC system has reduced the time required to fit a crown from 2 weeks to under 2 hours!

Dr Caplan is an instructor in CEREC dentistry, lecturing and teaching dentists worldwide how to master the art of this new technology. Dr Caplan is one of a few dentists that can offer a same day smile makeover service using the CEREC system. If you would like to learn more about how Dr Caplan could transform your smile in one day, give the practice a call on 01727 854429 or fill out the contact form.

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The patient was seeking a whiter, even smile but only wanted a minimal amount of dentistry performed. Initially Enlighten bleaching was carried out followed by 2 cerec veneers on her central incisors using the same day Cerec porcelain veneer technique. This is far more difficult to achieve a natural look due to the colour match challenge of the 2 veneers to the remaining teeth. Using Cerec allowed me to customize the colour and translucency of the veneers to perfectly match the other teeth. Minimal dentistry – Maximum effect