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Implant Placement

Wednesday, October 30th, 2019
  • Dr Caplan is placing an implant today. This is a fixed way of replacing a missing tooth and will allow the patient to smile with confidence.

Root Canal Treatment Saves Tooth

Tuesday, March 14th, 2017

Ms G saw Dr Caplan for her final Invisalign check. Her teeth are now lovely and straight

Dr Caplan’s Smile Makeover

Tuesday, July 1st, 2014

Ms *** attended today to have her upper teeth prepared for a bridge and veneers. She was fitted with the most beautiful temporary teeth and will return for the final porcelain restoration to be fitted in 2 weeks

Dr Caplan Lectures at ICDE Meeting

Friday, June 28th, 2013

Dr Caplan is lecturing “The Porcelain Preparation Interface” at the ICDE conference in Leicester

Dr Caplan Teaches Advanced Cerec

Thursday, May 16th, 2013

Dr Caplan is lecturing advanced cerec to dentists on a 2 day course

Dr Caplan Teaching Cerec Dentistry

Friday, May 3rd, 2013

Dr Caplan is in Glasgow teaching Cerec (Cad-Cam) dentistry to dentists

Natural Plus Bleach System

Tuesday, April 9th, 2013

Dr Caplan saw many patients today for teeth whitening; this is a fantastic way of improving  your smile

Dr Caplan Lectures in Cologne

Friday, March 15th, 2013

Dr Caplan is lecturing in Cologne at the IFED meeting

Dr Caplan Attends Dentistry Show

Friday, March 1st, 2013

Dr Caplan is away at the Dentistry Show in Birmingham

Crowns fitted

Tuesday, August 7th, 2012

Mr L had his crowns fitted today – he was very happy with his new smile