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General Dentistry

Gentle and comfortable dentistry for a beautiful, healthy smiles

Many of our patients come to us via recommendations from friends and family and remain loyal to us following the exemplary care they experience with our team. Through our enhanced techniques and high-end equipment, we offer gentle and comfortable dentistry and always ensure that every patient feels extremely well looked after.

Our team are here to support you through every stage of your smile journey. From your initial consultation, during any restorative or cosmetic treatment, and throughout your long-term maintenance; we will keep your smile healthy and happy.


Meeting your needs

Dr Julian Caplan is well known for his kindness and he, and his, team will always do their best to ensure you are as relaxed as possible. If you feel cold, we will offer you a blanket, if you need a hand to hold, we’ve got that too! As such, we have worked closely with nervous patients to help them to overcome their fears and receive the dental treatment they want or need.

Treating younger patients

We fully encourage bringing children to the dental practice from a young age to help them feel comfortable within this environment. Many children who attend as babies don’t suffer from nervousness or anxiety around dental visits and are therefore more compliant with their home care, such as toothbrushing and flossing.

At Aviva Dentistry our hygiene therapy team can help families by providing advice on toothbrushing techniques, hygiene appointments for children, dietary tips and preventative measures to help you ensure they have great oral health from an early age.

Our calm environment and gentle approach ensures that every patient feels relaxed in our care – in fact you may find that you come to look forward to your dental appointments!

Aviva Dentistry
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