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Hygiene therapy

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Dental hygiene is a cornerstone of good dental health and at Aviva Dentistry we place as much importance on it as we do dental check-ups. Attending your regular hygiene appointments can help to enhance your home care regime by cleaning all the areas that you cannot reach.

Our hygiene therapists are dual skilled which means they are able to carry out a wide variety of treatments. This covers the full scope of dental hygiene, preventing and treating gum and periodontal disease through professional cleaning, scaling and polishing, as well as some restorative work such as fillings and preventative sealants to protect against cavities and tooth decay. They are also able to carry out tooth whitening treatments.

Sharing advice

Your hygiene therapist can provide a wealth of advice about toothbrushing techniques and the best products to buy to enhance your oral health, such as floss or interdental brushes, as well as explaining how different toothbrushes may work better for your unique needs. They can share which areas of your mouth may require slightly more attention during your home care to ensure that you maximise your oral health.

Airflow Polishing

As a practice that remains at the forefront of technology, Aviva Dentistry is pleased to be able to offer Airflow polishing to our patients.

Airflow polishing is an advanced cleaning system that uses a combination of water, compressed air and fine powder particles to remove stains from the teeth and is especially effective for cleaning harder to reach areas. It is a comfortable and gentle treatment that leaves the teeth brighter and cleaner while also removing bacteria and plaque from above and below the gumline.

This is an extremely popular treatment for removing stains and works well as a standalone treatment or as part of a wider treatment plan such as alongside teeth whitening.

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Patient Reviews

I went in to have my veneers replaced- after 12 years they weren’t looking so great.

From the online consultation, to the same-day procedure (totally painless and stress-free), Aviva were fantastic.

I had 100% confidence in Dr Caplan at all times, and my teeth have never looked better or more natural- there’s no way you could tell they’re veneers at this point which is exactly what I wanted. I’m a very happy customer indeed.

Testimonial icons WRITTEN BY
Amy Richardson, Veneers

Absolutely first class!

Dr Caplan put me at complete ease, and discussed my options without being pushy.

I am over the moon with the results! Would highly recommend.

Tracy Kosmalski WRITTEN BY
Tracy Kosmalski, General Patient

I would recommend this practice as it’s welcoming, it’s modern and the technology Julian uses is the best in the country!

The digital scanner that was used in my mouth to take the impressions of my teeth was painless and quick. It also meant that the imagery went straight to Invisalign and the whole experience was seamless and very fast.

Testimonial icons - Nina WRITTEN BY
Nina Hussey, Invisalign Patient

Everything was done in one day which I think is just amazing! Dr Caplan uses this latest technology, which I think is probably what enables it to be done in one day, painlessly and without discomfort at all.

I came along at about 8 / 8.30 one morning and the whole job was finished by about 4.30/5 o’clock.

I would certainly recommend this practice and I have recommended it to many friends and family because I believe it’s probably the best place to come if you want to improve everything about your teeth from a smile perspective and probably from a medical perspective.

Testimonial icons - Vic Chuntz WRITTEN BY
Vic Chuntz, Smile Makeover - Veneers Patient

“I found it uncomfortable to eat because of two fractured teeth, so I had implants to replace them.

After having the implants I was able to eat again and had no discomfort!

Since then everything has been well, and I have the knowledge that they’ll last for many years.”

Testimonial icons - Roger WRITTEN BY
Roger Talbot, Dental Implants Patient

Brilliant! My disgusting white and metal crown has been removed with no pain, no hassle and replaced with a beautiful looking Cerec crown.

Nervous patient, no reason to be. Proactively going to crown another tooth as the experience was so good.

Lucy Holt, Crowns Patient Northaw

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