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Everything you need to know about Invisalign braces

Comprehensive Invisalign

Comprehensive Invisalign, formerly known as full Invisalign is a treatment designed to address more complex cases to help achieve your dream smile. Typically these are the clear full Invisalign’s you are used to seeing. With Comprehensive Invisalign, there is no limit to the number of aligners available for this treatment, and is a perfect option for adults looking to turn around their smile. 

The Comprehensive Invisalign has many benefits such as the appearance of this particular treatment, these aligners are practically invisible and only noticeable from far away making them perfect for everyday wear. Whilst being unnoticeable they are also a comfortable alternative to regular braces, as they are without harsh wires and attachments.

Lite Invisalign

Like the Comprehensive Invisalign, Lite Invisalign’s use the same orthodontic conditions and methods, however they take fewer aligners necessary to treat your smile. This treatment is generally used to treat milder teeth misalignment. The treatment is typically cheaper and faster than the Comprehensive Invisalign.

I7 Invisalign

The i7 treatment is the latest Invisalign treatment, which offers an easy and convenient solution to gaining your dream smile. This solution is designed to correct minor tooth movement, this treatment would be perfect for someone that wants to fix a slight tooth movement or someone who has had braces before. The i7 treatment can provide results in as little as 3 months.


This eliminates the need for physical impressions, and provides a more accurate picture with fewer rejections. This method also allows for progress to be recorded, so you can see how much your smile has changed over the duration of your Invisalign treatment. 

How Much Will My Treatment Plan Cost?


Our treatment fees for Invisalign are as follows:


  • Invisalign ‘Complete’ – (includes retainers, hygiene appointment and teeth whitening, if suitable) from £4,273
  • Invisalign ‘Lite’ from £2,800
  • Invisalign ‘i7’ from £1,695
  • Viviera retainers (upper and lower arches) £450 (incl. 3 sets)


Ready To Start Your Invisalign Journey?

At Aviva Dentistry, we have great experience in providing patients with a straighter smile using a variety of systems designed to suit your needs. If you are unsure how the Invisalign braces would work for you or would like to learn more about this treatment, take a look at one of our previous patient’s stories

Nina decided to choose Aviva Dentistry for her Invisalign braces and it transformed her smile and changed her oral confidence. Learn more about Nina’s treatment today.

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