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How a Smile Makeover Can Renew Your Confidence

Smile makeovers are now more accessible than ever thanks to advancements in digital dentistry,  which can make some dental treatments quicker and improve outcomes for patients. 

Whether you’re after teeth whitening, veneers, implants, teeth straightening or any combination of them all, expert dentists who have invested in cutting-edge technology are here to give you the best possible treatment.

Nowhere is this more apparent than in the patient success stories at Aviva Dentistry. You can see our case studies below which show what you can expect from the expert patient care at our practice.

How Veneers Can Transform Your Smile

It’s incredible what an effective veneer makeover can do for your smile. As the above patient found, a brighter, straighter and fuller smile was not the only benefit veneers gave her: the shape of her upper lip was also improved! Veneers provided her lip with more support, making it look fuller without the need for lip fillers.

As a cosmetic treatment, veneers provide more than just improved aesthetics. They can also make your smile feel natural and more fully developed by complementing the rest of your face, as well as offering a brighter shade to make your teeth look more healthy.

Elevate Your Smile with a Combination of Treatments

This patient suffered from teeth that were worn down and, in some cases, missing. To meet the needs of the patient in restoring his smile, Aviva Dentistry’s Dr Julian Caplan used multiple cosmetic treatments. Crowns were placed over damaged teeth to restore their surface, while veneers were used to enhance the shape of some teeth and enhance the smile.

Implants were also used to fill in the gaps caused by missing teeth – with a shape and shade that perfectly matches the patient’s existing teeth. A variety of treatments is sometimes the best way forward – and the results speak for themselves!


Which Smile Makeover Treatments Are Right for Me?

Whether you’re after a clean but striking natural finish or a Hollywood-inspired glow up, there’s a smile makeover plan for you. As these patient case studies show, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to dentistry. When designing your smile makeover, your dentist will consider your requirements and draft a treatment plan based on your needs and what you want to see fixed.


Perhaps you already have an idea of the treatment you want – in this case, your dentist will help you to visualise the results you can expect from this treatment. Whatever the case may be, if you are looking to restore your smile and increase your confidence, your dentist will break down exactly how that can be done and walk you through every step of the process.

Kickstart Your Smile Makeover with Aviva Dentistry

Aviva Dentistry offers 5-star service for all general and cosmetic dental procedures that we offer in our St Albans practice. 

Our team of expert dentists and hygienists tailor all treatments to your needs. At your consultation, we’ll go over the options for achieving your ideal smile, which can often be achieved in just one treatment thanks to our advanced digital dentistry techniques

Read more about our smile makeovers or contact us – we’re on hand to answer any questions you might have.


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