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What Makes Aviva Dentistry’s Veneers Superior?

Dental veneers might have been around for almost 100 years, but the landscape of digital dentistry means the treatment is constantly being refined. Aviva Dentistry is proudly at the forefront of modern dental solutions thanks to the vast expertise of Dr Julian Caplan and the rest of our team, and this cutting-edge approach informs our veneer treatment as well.

By embracing his dentistry as an artform, Dr Caplan has established himself as one of the finest dentists in the world. The veneers he crafts on-site at our St Alban practice showcase the wealth of expertise he brings to the table in providing superior dentistry.

Dr Caplan’s Dental Artistry and Experience

Dr Caplan has been leading the line in modern dentistry advancements throughout his career. When digital dentistry first emerged, he was one of the first dentists in the world to recognise its future-proof innovation and offer it to his patients.


Dr Caplan has since perfected his craft and is passionate about sharing his knowledge with other professionals. His goal is to ensure all patients receive the best possible care. 

By combining his experience and knowledge with the cutting-edge technology we employ, Dr Caplan produces extremely high-quality, long-lasting results that are built to match your requirements.

World-Class, Patient-First Veneers for a Brighter Smile

Patient input is essential in crafting the best possible veneers for your smile. By prioritising patient care and a relaxed approach to consultation, our team can focus on giving you the best results. To this end, we believe that a brilliant smile starts with a comfortable environment.

The design of each veneer we produce is directly overseen by Dr Caplan and aided by our suite of advanced digital dentistry technology. Your veneers are digitally cut from a ceramic block by our state-of-the-art milling machine. Informing their construction is the robust 3D digital model of your smile and Dr Caplan’s irreplaceable expert touch.

 From the initial intraoral scan to the final fitting, the whole procedure can be completed in a single day. The combination of excellent patient care, expertise and the industry’s leading technology contribute to an unrivalled and efficient experience.

Veneer Patient Successes at Aviva Dentistry

Our team has overseen some truly excellent smile makeovers courtesy of our veneer treatments. Vic’s story encapsulates the patient-first approach we incorporate, as well as the technology and expertise that make it possible.

Take a look at our veneer Before & Afters gallery for a glimpse at some of the transformations our patients have undergone at our dental practice in St Albans, from general natural improvements to Hollywood-ready smiles.

Achieve the Smile of Your Dreams with Aviva Dentistry

We know what a fresh smile can do for your confidence. That’s why our expert team, helmed by the world-class knowledge of Dr Julian Caplan, is committed to providing leading dental care. Find out more about our veneer treatment and other cosmetic dentistry services for further information on what you can expect from Aviva Dentistry.  

You can book your appointment or contact us with any questions – or meet the rest of our team here.


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