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Your long-lasting option for replacing a single missing tooth

What options do I have for replacing a single tooth?

Here at Aviva Dentistry, we are able to provide dental implant treatment to replace a missing tooth, using our cutting-edge digital technology, advanced skills and superior expertise. We understand that you want value for your money, which we can ensure with any of our treatment options. You can be sure that you’re in safe hands with Aviva Dentistry. We put digital dentistry at the heart of our practice because it provides the safest, most precise treatment with measured and predictable results. 

What we offer is a two-part process, it begins with the implant consultation. Here we will talk you through the process, settle any nerves and answer any questions you have and take X-rays of your teeth where appropriate. At this point, we will be able to establish what the best plan of action for you is and then we will move on to booking your implant procedure.

How much does a single tooth replacement procedure cost?

Initially, the implant consultation mentioned will start at £85, but, this price does not include the cost of X-rays. The second part of the procedure is the implant and the price for this aspect of the procedure starts at £2,800 and this includes a crown. 

For those who would like to pay in monthly instalments, we have a 0% Finance plan available on dental implant treatments. So now you have every reason to get the smile you’ve always dreamed of!

Why should I choose Aviva Dentistry for dental work?

Put simply, when you come to Aviva Dentistry, you’re in expert hands. We’re specialists when it comes to dental implants, including multiple tooth loss and denture procedures. As soon as you sign up for our services, you will be greeted with our tailored approach that will have you at ease about the procedure you may need or want. Every treatment we deliver is designed specifically to meet your own unique needs and to achieve the aesthetic results you want.

Looking for a different dental treatment? Aviva Dentistry has you covered.

A new smile can bring a whole new level of confidence. That’s why our expert team, helmed by the world-class knowledge of Dr Julian Caplan, is committed to providing leading dental care. Find out more about our veneer treatment and other cosmetic dentistry services for further information on what you can expect from Aviva Dentistry.  

You can book your appointment or contact us with any questions – or meet the rest of our team here.

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