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Michael’s story

“My initial thoughts on Aviva Dentistry was that it was a nice, calm, local, quiet, family dentist and I was quite surprised then to find out that it was also a World Leading Dentist that was right on my doorstep”

Michael, Dental Implant Patient


Michael had a gap in the back of his mouth which meant he frequently used to get bits of food trapped. This resulted in him chewing on the opposite side and wearing down his teeth. After a consultation, Michael opted for a dental implant to replace his missing tooth.


Dr Caplan first took a digital scan of Michael’s mouth so that later on he could place the dental implant into his jaw bone safely, accurately and with minimal pain. After some weeks of wearing a temporary crown and allowing the implant embed, Michael returned to have his permanent crown fitted.


Michael felt safe in the knowledge that he received no unnecessary treatment which was delivered in a calm, quiet and local dental practice by a leading dentist – and he no longer has to worry about his gap!

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