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Roger’s story

“The benefits of having the implants were that I was able to eat! I had no discomfort after an initial minor amount of discomfort on the day. Since then everything has been well, and I have the knowledge that they’ll last for many years.

I would recommend the practice to others. I compared their charges to other practices before coming here and they were competitive but I was won over by the welcome I received and by my wife’s wholesome recommendation!”

Roger, Dental Implant Patient


Roger had some fractured teeth on one side of his mouth, which were causing a lot of pain and discomfort when eating. After fully discussing his treatment options, Roger decided the best long-term option for him would be to replace the broken teeth with dental implants.


Roger’s treatment journey began with the two shattered teeth being removed. The roots were then replaced with dental implants, which took some weeks to embed into the jaw bone. In the meantime, a temporary crown was fitted so that Roger was not left with a gap and could eat as normal. The final stage was to place the custom-made crowns on to the dental implants, which fitted perfectly into his mouth.


Since having his dental implants, Roger says his new teeth feel and functioned just like his own teeth! He is delighted that he is now able to eat without any discomfort, safe in the knowledge that they’ll last for many years.


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